Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things sence last blog 2012

 So I'm back . I have gotten a spot busy in the last 2 months, hence the blog vapor. Seems to me time is in vapor mode especially when I am back at work .
 When I first got back the center of the universe I spent a fair amount time catching up with family and friends then it was off to work while trying to keep some biker fitness and actually big change this year so far I have had more drive, fresher legs, a bigger will to ride hard and fast and the way of getting past the pain some better which if I new how that worked and could always repeat it , I don't know that I would share the knowledge.
 I have already raced 5 times this year with a few good results some which being on the roll and some to moving down to the B masters in some races cause I can and the 58 in my age with 40 year old in the A's doesn't come out in my favor much anymore.
 I 've done the Rubias  which is a bumpy gravel and pavement Corce then off to Bear mouth road race a couple weeks later , this is a great road ride and race. Then I tried my hand at the scratch gravel mountain bike race in Helena . It went well , the racing in the two's is tuff and lots of numbers , they were cool enough to make a saporet masters 40 plus category so guys like Schultz who had been moved to cat one's so he was in with 11 up was the Heroin Park mountain bike race in Kalispel and that coarse was stellar hard with a crap load of climbing and as much descending with out a spot of rest. Gonna give this race an extreme Zap buster mark , it had it all. Made me wanna wine and complain. So for the most recent race during memorial weekend I cruised over to Spokane with my team of nine and half legs to do the 24 hour round the clock race at Riverside Park.
 A good venue to just watch the festive time , bring family and friends. The soilders on this team are Mark the spark Rinesel, Bill 1.5 Simmel, Bill stiches Shultz, Pat Scharfeinater and ur blog man .Longy.We had this same group last year with the same good results so don't fix what aint broke right.
 This year we started with a tumble on preride the day before the event, with our main man Schultzie going down with up close to mother earth and needing 8 stitches after. Then during race day at night on The Devils Drop again Stitches had a bite on mother earth and a mouth full of Trek Super Fly , fattening a lip and scuff in the face. he defiantly gets vowler awards for keep en the rubber side down and up.
 We rode from 6 min. behind at one time to hovering around 8 an 10 min ahead then in the end even with pat going for jump style points and com in down to bill's side of the earth and loosen about a min we
 still pulled off around a 20 min. win over our Washintonion nimis from last year and there this year excesses, nice fun and very competitive team to race against. Then there was Cosmic Miller and his flavor flav group also from Washington that had the win in flamboyancy and the Fabio wanna be vibe. So come next year to not miss a thing except the kick ass cold I got last year and again this year, poor me ,but really what THE ???

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