Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Still seeing the sights and breathing the air 2013

So thi Hyak nordic area rocked some beauty sking and heavenley views. My ill fate was the amount of climbing and head winds at the top. Really like the hard ass sking here but wouldn;t drive way out of my way for it. it was a meer 45 mins. drive from Danyel's. I herd rumor that it can and dose get all tratcherous with ice at times,would be a real good time to stay off. Have a few friends that have left skin in a few spots.

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Lindsy Campbell said...

Mike!!! Let me know next time you are in the Seattle area. I would definitely be up for some nordic skiing and would love to see you and Danielle, too! I was just up mountain biking at Tiger Mt. the other day... Miss you, man. Lindsy C