Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And There Was Road Travel

So after a few weeks back in rainey wet Oregon I did a massive road trip to Pheonix to meet up with Pa Pa Z at Willy Z's place for some serious ridding days. As usual only allowing myself the scant amount of time to get some place I drove 1,000 miles in one day to Palm Springs, ariving around 2 in the a.m. completley shot i crawaled in the back of the canopy and slept like crap for 4 hours then up and on off down the road. Z-man and I showed up about the same time and got a hour an a half of slow spin in then the next day sence it was cool in the mornings we late started retirement style and got abot 3 hours in then another 3 day into a 73 mile day. This went on for 6 days then a sopposeble rest day with a easy hike in the supersition mountains that turned into a hert fest up hill tell one of us called uncle, ye the testy thing as always with z and I or stupid for a better word. Then off to Tucson which was an easier 2 hours then off to Cycling House where Owen,Brendon, Hidi and Drew oh and the Shrock invited us in on a bontidied great steak salad dinner,great campers to visit with and led or tutored by Peter Lambros on wines, great evening. Next day was a hole different ball game, the Cycling house were planning on a sinoe day with the finnish being Kit peak with the some pretty eye opening gradiant.Z and I started in a different spot called 3 point then off 33 miles to meet up with the crew and we did and paced line back to 3 point then off another 20 or so to the entry level of kit, holly hot foot and no more power half way up and peeps were passin me like I really was going back ward. I an a few others did crest the top but was a totol mess in the mind and body. Z and I went back to the hotel found noodel food 2 gin an tonics which brought some funny behavior then the polar bear plung in the pool that had water straight from Missoula-shrinkage oh my. Alrighty then next day with really nothing left for conquring Mt. Lemon we were just gonna try and make it to Windy Point, well right away I was doomed with worn out tires and not the energy to find a shop open on a sunday for new ones on I went poping 3 tubes through the tire even with a bit of a boot. I turned back with about a 20 mile net and Z went on. This was are last day of mindless over usage of body parts before Z went back to the Zoo and I to Yuma to visit and rest at Ma Ma's. One day of that then I was off doing a get lost,scutel and ruin myself hike. Fealling real wore out after I started fgetting a butt kicken cold and flew with all by amunities shot to hell I'm going on 2 weeks and still have dead lungage. I traveld to Scottsdale after Yuma and stayed with Julie at Dastanation Oregon at a blingie Marriot that I totolly got lost in more than once. Then off to Sadona a place I had not been to before and wow it is a spiritial beautiful fairy like place. Got a few good hikes in then off to Vegas where Julie was to help out with the Beavs get together before the pac 12 basketball championship started. We went to the game and some time during a tv time out the MC dude ask for compatition of aisels and who could be the loudest for tickets to ka a circuc olae thing so any way we won and the tics were like 150.00 a pieace and one of the neatest things I have ever seen. I actully started trying to ride even with the bad lungage,it went alright in the Red Rock park and one around Bolder City. Then road trip back through Reno to Corvallis Or. Back in the rain and lack of sun dam. Will be heading back to the Zoo for work next week, then I really have to adapt to roller coaster weather for a bit. It's all good I need to stay in one place for awhile, kinda road weary. ML

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